Bokoharam: What the Bible says about fighting back- By Caleb Onyeabor

The recent gruesome murder of a chairman of a Christian Association of Nigeria ( CAN) chapter in Adamawa followed by the successive termination of the lives of young Christian students from Plateau by Bokoharam insurgents is not the first time Christians are paying the supreme price because of their faith.


In the case of the CAN chairman, it was revealed by both parties that a Ransome has been agreed upon only for one of the party to renege on the agreement on the single reason that the victim has refused to switch faith.
There is no denying that since the advent of the dreadful religious cum political terror group Bokoharam, Christians have been the worst victims and to a convincing extent, prime targets.
Though Bokoharam has in many occasions targeted mosques and other Muslim targets, this will be of trivial proportions compared to the victims it has accumulated in the Christendom.
For as long as Bokoharam is yet to be defeated, Christians and Muslims will be victims but Christians will be more.
What should Christians do?
Instead of crying out to the deaf ears and defiant attitude of the federal government, the Christian Association of Nigeria should find a way to defend her members. It is good to pray, it is good to have faith too but faith without works is dead. In Luke 22 vs 36, Jesus instructed his disciples to “sell their cloaks and buy a sword ” for their own safety.
CAN and Christians, especially in troubled areas in the northeast, should “sell their cloaks and buy a sword”.
Members of the Boys Brigade in churches should be armed. A Christian security joint force is an option. ” Sell your Cloak and Buy a Sword ” for self-defense.
We won’t be talking about these things if we had a sincere federal government.
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