The need for National Unity and Coexistence.- By Ojiah Ridwan

As of today, Nigerians still struggle to uphold and defend the unity of the country, a trauma we need to address as a matter of urgency, otherwise, we are a Tinderbox ready to explode.
The most beautiful garden is the one that has different colors and different kinds of flowers. So, the beauty of our country is in the diversity of our people, in religion, tribe, and culture. It is very unfortunate to acknowledge, that we have failed as a people not to win the paramount battle, the battle for the Hearts and
Minds of Nigerians and it portends grave danger and an ill wind that will blow the country no good.
How can we build a nation, where the majority of the populace has zero-tolerance and can’t coexist peacefully. It is very saddened, that the National Orientation Agency (NOA), who should have played a major role in winning the Hearts and Minds of the people, has failed on her responsibilities. In Nigeria today, many have a defective sense of Nation History, Values and Orientation.
Dear Nigerian Leaders, irrespective of your set of goals; fight against corruption and rebuilding the nation without winning the battle against National Disunity, will almost be baseless.
The time for action is now, we must act fast, the situation in the country now risks dangerous escalation, we can’t afford another civil war. The dissatisfaction, intolerance, and disunity among Nigerians must be corrected. The establishment of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in 1973, played an important role in promoting integration and peace among the people after the civil war ended on 15th January 1970.
Therefore, all hands must be on deck on the fight against disunity. The National Orientation Agency must sit up and take up the task firmly. Indeed we have a Black Spot on our history but we must not allow it to define who we are as people.
God Bless Nigerians
God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Ojiah Ridwan writes from Okene, Kogi
State. 07064924397.