World Population Reduction In Africa By The West- THE “AMOTEKUN” INTERVENTION. By Gerald Innocent

So far, I’ve been quietly following up on the issues and controversies arising from the creation of the South Western Regional Security Outfit codenamed “AMOTEKUN” by the six governors of the southwest region of Nigeria, to its proscription as illegal by the federal government through the office of the minister of justice and attorney general of the federation, #Malami.


Many Nigerians have given their opinions as regards the federal governments’ opposition of the security outfit #Amotekun to involve the following, that the federal government is secretly behind the killings to promote a certain Fulani domineering agenda which sounds plausible all things considered.
Also in support of the government’s position, some Nigerians have criticized the Outfit saying they could be used as a tool by the southwestern governors just as the Nigerian police and military have been misused by political office holders and their loyalties compromised. To mention but a few.
My personal opinion regarding the position of the federal government against the security outfit #Amotekun could be seen as far fetched as I am in support of its creation which is long overdue. Now, for those of us that watch foreign movies, and follow up on global issues threatening the existence of the earth, firstly, in such movies that you may have come across, the plot of the movie focuses on a single individual who is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice that every other person won’t do for the sake of the greater good. For example, sacrificing a million people to save a billion others in other to reduce the incessant increase of world population, with the fear that humans will outgrow the resources of the earth which will in the supposed nearest future inevitably lead to an uncontrollable world crisis.
Relating this assertion to our reality, unchecked population increase has been a cause for worry both nationally and internationally as some countries have implemented laws to check this issue by limiting the number of children in a family. China is a good example. Also regarding this, on the international scene, Africa has the highest growing population ratio without effective laws to curb this supposed situation. Knowing the westerners, whom are characterized by racist tendencies with little or no regard for Africans; take, for instance, the emergence of the #Buhari_administration which came to power with the backing of the US; on assuming office, one of its foremost actions was terminating the contract of a certain South African paramilitary organization whose services were employed by the then #Jonathan_administration to tackle the rising insurgency to prevent its escalation after the US government under #Obama blatantly refused his administration any form of assistance in the fight against insurgency. A recent revelation on YouTube by one of the founders of the South African paramilitary organization showed that positive progress was being achieved before the termination of their contract by the #buhari administration. Under the same #buhari administration, claims that “#Boko_Haram has been technically defeated” has been made.
Not only are such claims false and misleading, the emergence of other insurgent groups have sprung up to include #ISWAP, #Herdsmen, etc. with a growing rate of poverty and crime in the country by some misguided persons, of which the Nigerian security agencies have done little or nothing to assure the citizens of their safety. And despite all these, no repentant insurgent individual who was caught or willingly switched sides has been tried in a court of law, instead, they were recruited into the Nigerian army or given a better life. But when authorities outside the federal government decide to protect their people, the basic job of any government in power of every country, which that of Nigeria especially have failed woefully at.
Instead of supporting said decisions to ensure safety, shamelessly proscribes said actions as illegal.
In a nutshell, I feel this disdainful stand of the Nigerian federal government against the creation of “AMOTEKUN” coupled with its reluctance to securing the lives and properties of the Nigerian citizens portends a ring of world population reduction with the backing of the West.
Nothing is ever as they seem in politics.
But this is just one man’s opinion.


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