“With Operation Amotekun, Herdsmen, Terrorist Violence Will Shift To South-East” – IPOB

Following the launch of Operation Amotekun security outfit by the governors of Nigeria’s South West region, The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have expressed concern that the security challenges spurred by militant Fulani herdsmen and other terrorist groups from the North would gradually shift to the South-East zone.

According to IPOB: “Now that South-West governors and politicians have openly and commendably armed and supported OPC militants to defend Yorubaland, isn’t this a clear indication that the black market and thoughtless proscription of IPOB by Fulani government supported by Ohaneze Ndigbo, South-East Governors and Lagos/Abuja politicians only succeeded in making the entire eastern region a fertile ground for Fulani Jihadi expansionism and impetus for Miyetti Allah terrorism and territorial expansion?”
IPOB, though commended the rationale for the southwestern governors’ launching Amotekun, however, lambasted them along with the Igbo interest group Ohanaeze Ndigbo, saying they had disapproved of the idea of a BSS but are now commending the South-West’s Operation Amotekun.
“The Yoruba decision and effort to launch Operation Amotekun security outfit just like our leader launched BSS in 2017 is most commendable. What we find horribly appalling, however, is that those who were at the forefront of misrepresenting and condemning our leader for having the vision and foresightedness to challenge Fulani terrorism in Nigeria are today praise-singing the introduction of Amotekun.
“Even the shamelessly treacherous Ohaneze Ndigbo and southeast Governors Forum that actively connived with their Fulani masters to launch a deadly military invasion of Biafraland on the back of the launch of BSS are today openly praising Yoruba leaders for backing OPC’s Amotekun project when they themselves heartlessly sold out IPOB for a pot of porridge.
“Notwithstanding the barefaced envy and jealousy directed towards IPOB by the Efulefu political class and sections of uninformed talking heads, we IPOB are delighted that we continue to set the pace of radical thinking and social change within and outside Nigeria.
“IPOB wholeheartedly welcome Amotekun and say good morning to those who out of ignorance, poor sense of vision, lack of reasoning and self-consuming jealousy fought against the formation BSS. They should cover their faces in shame if they have any face left after this.
“We the global family of the IPOB ably led by our great and indomitable leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu commend southwest governors, elders, stakeholders and politicians for their doggedness and courage to protect their people and their region from the evil hands of Fulani terrorists herdsmen and Nigeria government jihadi soldiers.
“The systematic strategy and effort of the ruling Fulani cabal to continually provide financial and logistical support to Fulani terrorists and Islamic extremists in military and police uniforms to rampage and kill innocent citizens at will.”
“History and events have continued to vindicate IPOB and its methods,”
IPOB Press Statement