Chioma Ikem

Hello Somebody,
Why many beautiful relationships didn’t survive in 2019 is because many lovers are only interested in building relationships, but only a few are interested in building the individuals in a relationship.
Have you ever wondered how some older lovers kept the magic of their relationship alive all these years? Why does it look as if some lovers never grow tired of each other? The secret is in continuously adding value to each other. People want a kind of relationship that will act as a catalyst to the actualization of their dreams. People want relationships that will help them to emerge career-wise. People want relationships that will help them discover their God-given purpose and unleash their maximum potential. People want relationships that will draw them closer to their Creator.
I’ve found that if someone doesn’t bring anything meaningful to the love table in a way that challenges how you think and act, or teach us a thing or two, the relationship becomes stagnant and boring. On the other hand, it’s refreshing to be with someone who causes you to look at life differently. What’s the point being with someone who doesn’t add any value to your life?
You see, it isn’t enough that you love each other. It isn’t enough that you share life together. While those may be nice, there is still every need for further value creation. Your relationship should empower you to achieve the unthinkable and the unimaginable. Your relationship should push you higher and closer into the person you were meant to be, into the purpose you were created to fulfill. Imagine where your partner exposes you to whole new things and you do the same for them, you can expect the relationship to be enriching and satisfying for you both. Be a value and add some value!

2020 is here and I would like to ask you the same question I’d asked you earlier on this post. What’s the point being with someone who doesn’t add any value to your life? Do you want to go on and on telling stories and expending your energy on a fruitless relationship?
While this article may challenge you to let go of meaningless relationships, my aim is to help you to better position and reposition yourself for a fulfilling relationship. My aim is to help you better prepare your mind to not only look out for value in your relationship but to also be a value creator. We’ve all benefited from someone’s contribution in the past. We also must lookout for ways to be that friend to others this 2020. You can lend a helping hand. Or provide a better perspective. Or listen more. Or be a shoulder to cry on. Or offer some prayers.
Don’t wait for a relationship to happen to you this 2020, go on and build it.
Everything worthwhile is the fruit of intentionality.
Written By Chioma Ikem.