Three kinds of women an African man wouldn’t want to marry.

There are three kinds of women an African man wouldn’t want to marry.
1: A woman who acts like a man/boss.
A man while growing up was used to taking instructions from his dad/mom, uncles, elders, and when he grows up, he started taking instructions from his lecturers, pastors……
He gets a job, he takes instructions from his boss.
The least he wants is to get married and still meet a woman who acts like his dad or his boss, he can’t say “sir” at work and say “ma” again at home, No man wants to end up with a woman who acts like a boss, give him that place to rule, he doesn’t want to be ordered around or told what to do like he’s still under his dad. Men love women who act like a woman and understands the uniqueness of her place as a woman.
2: Women who are disrespectful/contentious
The truth remains that no man can cope with a woman that is disrespectful and contentious, not an African man who always demand a high level of respect. Our African culture is built on the woman respecting the husband, the female folks must debunk some westernization which portrays respecting your husband as slavery.
3: A woman who disdains her husband’s family.
You cannot separate a man from his family, Africa takes the family as a priority, marriage is to unite the two families and not to separate them. You cannot make an African man hate his mom/ dad or siblings just because you are now a wife to their son.
A good African woman brings harmony, peace and unity to her husband’s family and not try to sow discord and fighting. No man wants a woman who will separate him from his family.
– Jolomi Emmanuel
Source : CelebrityBuzz