*You See, Association Is Very Powerful And Vital In The Journey Of Life Generally.*
Association brings assimilation which in turns brings impartation. You cannot be different from those whom you closely associate with. So, you cannot afford to associate with everybody. Don’t walk with people that are not going your direction. [ AMOS 3:3 = “Says, can two walk together unless they agreed” ].
Take note of this, “anytime you are choosing your friends, you are choosing your future or destiny. No wise man is chosen as a friend. Every wise person chooses his or her own friends”. Because the people in your life, they either make you or break you, exalt you or exhaust you, drain you or develop you, a helper or a hindrance. Bible commanded us to love all but not to friend all. So love is a must but friendship or relationship is by choice. Friendliness or acquaintance or class mate / room mate or Church member and so on.. is not friendship. Understand that very important.
Infact And Wisely, Friendship Is Not By Dicision But By Discovery, And Discovery Is A Product Of Knowledge. Life Must Be Lived Delibrately And Not Randomely. By Wisdom And Not Left To Chance.
Hear me and hear me out, anyone that is not making you better but always make you bitter, a burden and not a blessing, is not meant for you. Let go of him or her for the sake of your life, soul and destiny. That you have a history with somebody does not mean you people have future together. Your future or destiny is greater than your history or past. Even on social networks, not everyone should be on your friends list. Anybody that is not adding value to your life, should not be your friend. Because there are two kinds of people in our life: [ Wasters Or Investors ]. The people in your life, they either increase you, up grade you, stabilize you, or they decrease you, down grade you, and neutralize you. And note too very important, anyone who cannot bring or add solution into your problem, should not know about it. Because when people can’t help you, they hurt you the more. So save yourself the pain and the stress.
Finally, be very careful about your friendship and relationship, because when wrong people leave your life, wrong and strange things will stop happening. Truth about wrong association: Wrong association corrupt good manner. It will kill your joy and peace, your passion, your dreams, your hope, your drive for success, and the worst part of it, it will affect your spiritual life and your relationship with God which is the [ KEY ] to every successful journey in life. Now ask yourself this vital question, [ Who Do I Call My Friend? ]. So the choice is yours, because life is all about choice. You are free to choose but you are not free from the consequences of your choice. That’s the way it is. A word always enough for the wise and wisdom is profitable to direct.
I rest my case here for now till we meet again by His special grace. May God grant us more understanding. “JESUS IS LORD”.
Written By Bro. Iyke Amadi