Kabore re-elected as Burkina Faso President.

Kabore re-elected as Burkina Faso President.

By Simdi Gloria:-

According to results by the National Independent Electoral Commission, President Marc Christian Kabore will serve another five years as Burkina Faso’s President.

Kabore won more than 50% of the total votes cast, beating 12 candidates.
Labors received 1.6 million out of the 3 million votes cast, said Newton Barry, the Commission President.

The declaration comes four days after Sunday’s election.

The results showed Kabore taking 57.8% of the vote while his two closest rivals, Z├ęphirin Diabre and Eddie komobingo got 12.46% and 15.48% respectively.

Kabore’s opponents have raised concerns about the validity of the votes but the electoral commission has dismissed them. An international observer gave the election a clean bill of health.

Sunday’s presidential and parliamentary elections were held in the shadow of the Jihadist violence alongside a surge in attacks by groups with links to AL Qaeda and the Islamic State group claiming more than 2000 lives.