Nigerian Soldier Goes Wild In Ibadan: Flogs a woman for what it tagged indecent dressing; cuts hair of some passers-by, after allegedly extorting, harassing them. [Videos]

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A viral video on social media shows the moment when a soldier was beating a woman earlier today in Beere in Ibadan, Oyo state, for what they term ‘indecent’ dressing.
In another video evidence, a soldier was seen cutting the hair of some of passers-by after allegedly harassing and extorting them.
According to an eye witness, the residents of the area are now living in deep fear following the inhumane treatment of the “Operation Beast” soldiers in the state even though there is no curfew.
See Videos Below;



One of the soldiers was also identified as “O. Adesina”.

But, the question that comes to mind is, how can this happen just a week after chaos happened in Nigeria over police brutality? Was that struggle all for nothing?
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