Second Wave Of #EndSARS Protests Looms As Nigerian Youths Threaten To Resume By Monday Following FG’s Passport Seizure And Frozen Accounts

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The recent move by the Federal Government to clampdown on suspected promoters of the #EndSARS protest has turned up the heat on the possibility of a second wave of the EndSARS campaign.

According to the Yabaleft report, Nigerian youths have taken to social media to threaten a second wave of #EndSARS protests, starting from Monday, November 9, following reports of passport seizure, arrests, and frozen accounts.

An Abuja High court, yesterday, granted the Central Bank of Nigeria the right to freeze bank accounts of some frontline protesters and also, that of a public affairs company.

The action taken by Government has sparked outrage on social media as some youths have threatened to go back to the streets for fresh protests in some parts of Lagos and Abuja.

Meanwhile, the court ordered the head offices of Access Bank, Fidelity Bank, First Bank Nigeria, GTB, UBA, Zenith Bank to freeze the bank accounts of the individuals on the list for a period of 180 days, pending the outcome of the CBN’s investigation and inquiry.

As a result of the development, the Governor of Central Bank, Godwin Emefiele, has received hordes of backlashes by Netizens, accusing him of hypocrisy and double-standard judgement. Aggrieved youths have promised to resume the protest on Monday at the CBN headquarters in Abuja and its Lagos office.

These are some of the reactions of Nigerian Youths on Twitter below;
@OdyJohnson wrote,
“Please don’t forget that this is the same Godwin Emefiele of CBN who was hosting zoom meetings with #EndSARS comrades weeks ago. Today he is getting court order to freeze people’s accounts. Don’t trust this government, boycott the nonsense judicial investigative panel.”
@Ebitupromise wrote,
“It is so difficult for Mr. Godwin Emefiele to block Boko haram sponsor’s bank accounts, now very easy to block #EndSARS bank accounts. Demon in disguise.”
@LoladeSowolu wrote,
“Shame on you @cenbank for doing the bidding of your General. And on you Godwin Emefiele for rubbishing this institution. You will not live forever.”
@Gidiwave wrote,
“Just so we are clear, Mr. Godwin Emefiele finds it hard to freeze the accounts of politicians who have stolen billions but in a few weeks can freeze the accounts of youth who protest and have spoken out against injustice.”
@FAGalileo wrote,
“Godwin Emefiele will go down as the WORST CBN governor in Nigeria. What a crying Shame. He should continue with his ass licking.”
@Fidtoch wrote,
“Godwin Emefiele is the real definition of ‘a house Nigger’. Always ready to do the bidding of Master(s) with no consideration of his integrity whatsoever. Please @cenbank freeze inflation not the accounts of #EndSARS protesters.”
@ThedispatcherHQ wrote,
“Godwin Emefiele is a dangerous sycophant; his role in trying to stop the #EndSARS movement in October and going ahead to froze the bank accounts of protestors, including @Gatefieldco’s, is not only idiotic but very desperate to please the incompetent, Mr. @MBuhari.”
@Geekinquest wrote,
“There’s no fool like an old fool. Godwin Emefiele is a disgrace and a coward. I remember he was in that zoom call with Pamilerin and others. Yet he still played us #Endsars. May God give him unrest and unnecessary wahala till whenever.”
@Iam_Efe wrote,
“Protest resumes Monday at @cenbank CBN HQ. Godwin Emefiele has started it, we will finish it. #EndSARS.”
@Tesam22 wrote,
“Shame on you @cenbank for supporting the oppressors of Nigerians. Godwin Emefiele, be rest assured you will in no way escape justice when Nigerian youths take over governance. @cenbank shame! Emefiele, double shame!”
@IamRouvafe wrote,
“Godwin Emefiele is just 59 years, he still has over 20 years of life to answer for his betrayal of Nigerian Youths who are no longer politically docile and who are now out to claim what’s rightfully theirs.”

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