US Election 2020: The Sum Up Of Trump’s Case In Court

NewsieEvents Editor’s Note:
At this point, the United States Presidential Election between the Incumbent, Republican Candidate, President J Trump, and the Democratic Candidate Joe Biden could best be described as being on a razor’s edge.
It was indeed shocking to most people around the world that President Trump, on Wednesday, filed for lawsuits in Pennsylvania and Nevada, alleging fraud in the whole process of counting the votes and others.
But, a lot of people can’t fathom out why Trump should go to court. They ask, what is he wanting the court to do?
Well, Trump’s case in court is summed up in the following;
1. The state executive and state supreme court in the key state of Pennsylvania amended voting rules contrary to the constitution of the United States which states clearly that voting laws are the exclusive responsibility of the state legislature. The governor of Pennsylvania and his secretary of state are Democrats. An audit of their Twitter handles and public outing shows their strong criticism of Trump and there is a petition over their credibility to oversee elections involving Trump.
If the supreme court decides in the favour of Trump, hundreds of thousands of votes counted for Biden based on the new electoral laws will be made invalid.
2. The Trump campaign is insisting that votes that came in after election day are illegal. If the supreme court rules in his favour, this will take away Biden’s lead in about 10 states.
3. Information on manipulation of votes keeps coming up. There is an allegation of 15,000 dead voters in Pennsylvania and a handful of others in other states. About 6000 non-residents in Nevada are alleged to have voted. In fact, 230,000 Nevada mailed in votes are claimed to have been sent to the wrong addresses. Whistle blowers are coming up. The credibility of the whistle blowers is what I can’t vouch for.
4. And then, there is the almighty case against Mailed In votes. While mailed in votes are said to be legal, Trump’s campaign is claiming it makes room for fraud as there is no ID verification and check. There are increasing calls for auditing of votes in about 5 states.
5. Then the usual case of missing ballots and the conspiracy surrounding the huge votes that usually come in by midnight and by morning, 100% are declared for Biden. The Trump campaign is also going to court seeking a RECOUNT.
These are all I know for now.
For historical purpose, the issue of recounting of votes has happened before in the 2000 US presidential election when it came down to just one state, Florida.
In accordance with state law, recounts were requested by Al Gore’s campaign and undertaken most famously in several Florida counties (including Palm Beach County, of the hanging chad fame). Florida’s state Supreme Court issued multiple rulings extending the deadline for the State of Florida to finally certify its state-wide results.
So, it is pertinent to note that those celebrating in favour of Biden should not be in a haste to vibe excitedly and those already concluding that trump has lost out in the US Election should take a chill as we all watch the drama unfold.
I will conclude with President trump’s statement, regarding the quagmire in the US political system. He said in parts;
“We believe the American people deserve to have full transparency into all vote counting and election certification, and that this is no longer about any single election. This is about the integrity of our entire election process. From the beginning, we have said that all legal ballots must be counted and all illegal ballots should not be counted, yet we’ve met resistance for this basic principle by Democrats at every turn. We will pursue this process through every aspect of the law to guarantee the American people have confidence in our government.”
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