Celebrities as agent of change: The #EndSARS example By Caleb Onyeabor

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The #EndSARS movement did not start today. It has been trending for years on social media but this recent anti-SARS campaign garnered massive support both on the internet and on the streets attracting the attention of international media houses and powerful voices.
The holistic involvement of Nigerian celebrities is the single biggest reason why this particular #EndSARS campaign was powerful. Entertainers like Wizkid lent his voice and used his platform for massive reawakening. More pivotal to the struggle is the brave decision of co-entertainers like RunTown and Falz to lead a protest. They were joined by other celebrities like RudeBoy, Tiwa Savage, and others. The psychological impact of having some of their favorite people involved in an issue that affects young people personally was the big trigger.
The role of Internet comedian, Mr. Macaroni in galvanizing the movement in Lagos is also worthy to be mentioned.
The lesson is clear. When people who are celebrities, people who have thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of followers, commit to a social cause as biting as the issue of SARS, when people who have great influence over millions of youths lead the youths, the youths follow. And when the youths unite and mobilize themselves for a particular cause, they become an unstoppable force.
The #EndSARS movement would have not gone as far it went without the involvement of these celebrities, especially entertainers. This proves the social and political capital of being a celebrity. Celebrities are agents of social and political change and have once again asserted their control and proved their salience in national development.
Perhaps, if they get more involved, we would see a wave of social change that is unprecedented in the history of Nigeria.
Activism is for the youths and the only leaders the youths recognize and adore the most are celebrities particularly entertainers. Will they commit to the long term struggle for social change in Nigeria? Only time will tell. As for now, Aluta continua
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