UNDERSTANDING FAMILY STRUCTURE.-My Valentine Message To All The Families In Christ. By Bro. Iyke Amadi

(1) The Strength Of Family Is Christ: A life without Christ is in crisis already. No two ways about it.
(2) The Pillar Of Family Is Trust:
Without trust, a family cannot stand the test of time. Trust is not what you demand, but what you earn by being responsible. Note this for it will help you, a husband represent God in a family while a wife represents Christ. When you are insulting or disobeying your husband, you are insulting and disobeying God too. When you are disregarding or hitting your wife, you are disregarding and hitting Christ too. very important if you understand that. Any man that is living on error, two things are involved. Either he has a bad wife or a good wife he doesn’t listen to. ( JOSHUA 7:24 ).
And Men take note of this, it is very very important. The way you treat your wife is how God will treat your prayers. Read here to understand better [ MALACHI 2:13-15, 1 PETER 3:7 ].
(3) The Beauty Of Family Is Hard Work:
The issue of being a housewife is the oldest method. Allow your wife to work or do something and be useful to the family because nobody knows what tomorrow will bring. Let everybody work and contribute something, that’s the beauty. And it will command respect too on both.
(4) The Future Of Family Is Plan:
If you fail to plan then, you are planning to fail. That’s it. Always plan, and plan wisely. You both should have a meeting once in a while to plan the next thing to do. Don’t spend recklessly, because that’s stupidity on a high level that will destroy your life and family too. Don’t live competitive life, and don’t live to impress people but live to create a future. Always be futuristic. Don’t start what you cannot finish and leave room for people to mock at you. Spend according to your capacity. Don’t do things because people are doing it, but do things because you can afford it. Don’t live by the crowd for you not to lose your crown. Plan, for you can never be rich twice, you can only be rich once. Your investment in the days of your riches is what determines if your riches will prolong. Plan because most people that encountered riches ended up stranded because they fail to plan.
written by Bro. Iyke Amadi