Bauchi State: Private College of Health graduates 573 students in four years.

By Simdi Gloria:-

Alhaji Amino, the Principal of The Malakiya College of Health and Social Sciences disclosed that the college has graduated 573 students in its four years of existence in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria.

The graduates were awarded a Diploma Certificate in Community Health Extension Workers(CHEW), Junior Community Health Extension Workers(JCHEW), Medical Laboratory Technician(MLT), X-ray Technician, and Dental Surgery Technician.
Aisha Uma, one of the graduates received the school’s Certificate of Excellence for setting a new national record in Health Information.

There were also National Diploma Dental Therapy, Higher National Diploma Dental Therapy, Health Information Management, Environmental Health Technician, Environmental Health Assistant, Diploma in Health Education and Promotion as well as Diploma in Dietetics and Nutrition.

Ahmed disclosed, “the school is now four years old and currently has a student population of 3000 with 87 staffers.

The government urged private entrepreneurs to establish more training colleges for Doctors and other health care providers as it cannot meet the needed power even in 50 years.

The PPP arrangement we signed with the government has collapsed as the present government decided to shy away from its responsibilities”, he further stated.

He said, “currently we have 17 accredited health courses in school, and accreditation has been obtained for six additional courses for National Diploma. Most of our students are from rural areas and they will be deployed after graduation to their respective localities to provide services”.

Danmaliki said, “We learnt that the current government is reconsidering to continue with its PPP against its decision to discontinue the programme. About 2000 government-sponsored students are currently stranded but the school has decided to continue offering the services as we cannot afford to throw them back into the streets.”

“We have also gone out to recruit students from across the country since the government has refused to sponsor her students since the partnership stopped in 2019,” he said.